Such a disappointment….

Had an incredibly crappy week. I did workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… but I ate like crap. And I’m not going to get anywhere working my butt off at the gym but still making a daily trip to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and croissants.

I’m so pissed at myself.

Well today, technically is Tuesday and I haven’t been to sleep yet because of how bloated I am. It’s 5AM. I’m uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained like 10 lbs. At least that’s how it feels.

I can’t even put in to words how upset I am with myself.

But it will be a new day soon. I will do my best to avoid Dunkin, go to the gym in a few hours and then try to sleep a few hours as well.

I hope I do better this week. I started out so good at the start of this. I don’t want it to be all for not.

Send some positive vibes my way if that’s your thing.



One thought on “Such a disappointment….

  1. Firstly, you are kicking butt. Secondly, Never give up and you will never fail. Bad days happen. Bad choices happen. And finally…Habits are hard to change, but if you never stop caring about where you want to go – you will find yourself there. Good positive vibes sent – you got this!


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