Day Five

I’m feeling the extra miles I put in yesterday. My right hip and thigh are sore. I won’t be as active today.

I’m kind of in pity mood already. Weighed myself this more and GAINED 1.8 lbs. That’s super discouraging. Considering I lost 8.8 doing nothing.


I’m not giving up though. I will be back to normal Sunday.

Today I walked about a mile with  Aiden. Not sure I’m going to do anything else though.


Day Four

I increased my workout today. I’m on episode 3 of the seated workout. It was intense but I felt accomplished after I finished this morning.

On my walking YouTube workout, I continued to the second video that led me to 2 miles and a cool down. That felt awesome as well.

Then I did a walk around the complex. I decided to stop at the gym and did 18 mins on the treadmill before going back home.

Tonight I will do the usual, just 2 miles instead of 1. And will do 100 arm lifts and 100 bicep curls like yesterday.

Can’t wait to weight myself tomorrow. My hope is that I just didn’t gain. If it’s the same or less, is all I want. I know it will only be 5 days worth of workout though. We will see.

Here’s my accountability picture for today 🙂

Collage Creator_47

Day 3

1st workout was done this morning ( I upped my main workout to include more reps and stretching). My mom actually stopped by my house and interrupted it, but I asked if she could wait till I finished before we ran the errands we needed. I was impressed with myself. I normally would just stop what I was doing and left. But I was determined to finish. I think she was impressed that I continued on as well.

I just finished doing a walk around my apartment complex.


It was freezing and raining (slightly) but I pushed through. I’m super proud of myself. I know its only 3 days in. But I’ve tried this before and I normally would already be slaking off.

Will workout again tonight 🙂

Talk tomorrow!

Day Two

I stopped by my parents house today to weight myself on their Wii board. I’ve been weighing myself on there for the last few years, so it has my weight record. Here’s my starting weight.


I will be continuing to weight myself every Saturday.

Jay and I went shopping today and I’m proud of the stuff we bought. He is on board with doing this with me.

He lost 100 pounds last year and has only gain about 10 back so he is concentrating on building muscle, as I’m concentrating on losing weight.

I’m glad to have his support.

Continuing with my workout for day two. Did it twice yesterday and will do it twice today.

First Workout Complete

So I just completed my first workout. I was unsure of how to start since I am obese and didn’t know what my body would be able to handle. I searched the internet and found two workouts that I thought were appropriate for my beginning.

First I found this series of videos and thought it was perfect

And then decided I really wanted to find an easy walking workout that I can do in my apartment and found this:

So I completed them both for a total workout time of : 40 minutes.

I plan on doing these same workouts twice a day for the first week and then upping my reps and intensity.

I can gratefully say I survived each workout with a little faster heartbeat and sweat!

Day One

This is intended to be my little corner of the www that I can document the daily things in my life.

I hope to show the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In hopes that I can be a more open, and in turn more positive, person.

Today I am starting a workout plan that will hopefully help me lose a good amount of weight this year.

I have goals. Lofty goals and realistic goals.

But I’ll get into those later.

My 180 starts today.