Such a disappointment….

Had an incredibly crappy week. I did workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… but I ate like crap. And I’m not going to get anywhere working my butt off at the gym but still making a daily trip to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and croissants.

I’m so pissed at myself.

Well today, technically is Tuesday and I haven’t been to sleep yet because of how bloated I am. It’s 5AM. I’m uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained like 10 lbs. At least that’s how it feels.

I can’t even put in to words how upset I am with myself.

But it will be a new day soon. I will do my best to avoid Dunkin, go to the gym in a few hours and then try to sleep a few hours as well.

I hope I do better this week. I started out so good at the start of this. I don’t want it to be all for not.

Send some positive vibes my way if that’s your thing.



Slacker Extraordinaire

I’m such a slacker. I started off updating daily…. now the last time I posted was over a month ago… really… ugh.

I last weighed myself at the gym on 2-19, and I was 211. After that I was sick for over a week and didn’t workout much at all. I’m much better now and have been more consistent with working out.


I’ve gone down 1 pant size from 22 to 20 and bought a brand new pair of jeans. Super excited about that.

And I dyed my hair purple 😀


Gonna try to keep up with this better. At least once a week, hopefully.

Thanks for viewing! ❤

Hello February

So yesterday was the first day of February. That means I’m already a month down this year. I achieved my goals for the day early yesterday so decided to go ahead and weight myself. Hey, it was the first of the month 😛

I was pleased to see I lost weight! 3.5 pounds! I was super excited 😀

I think I’ve done something to my knee so I’m going to *try* to take it easy. But I’m determined to keep going.

Here’s the screenshot of my Fitbit, a selfie after a 3 mile walk with Jay and Aiden, and my photo of the weight loss.

2015-02-01 23.00.06 IMG_20150201_105514 WP_20150201_001


Yesterday was a hard, very hard day. I pushed myself and started doing the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. It was HARD. As I’m typing this I’m still INCREDIBLY sore. But it had to be done. Here’s my results from yesterday.


Today I was super duper sore so I only walked. I met my goal of 10K steps. And realized that that didn’t reach my 5 mile goal. So I upped it and it will be reflected tomorrow. But I did good for a non-real workout day. Here’s todays stats.


Tomorrow I am attempting Day 2 of the 21 Day Fix because it is upper body day. After reviewing the video I think I can do it. And I’ll get some walking in too.

Here’s to hoping I feel better tomorrow.

New Week

Today I was out and about all day with my mom. So I didn’t get to workout like I would have liked. However I did get some walking in. Here’s my Fitbit info for today 🙂 Hope to reach all of my goals and more tomorrow. During my night walk at home with Jay, I started to run. Not for long. But I pushed myself. And I’m glad I did!


And post workout selfie posted below as well.


Day Six

Back on track today.

Jay went to the gym with me and worked out. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 4 miles on the bike. I feel the workout which is great. I’ll do my seated workout this evening, with maybe the 1 mile walk. Here’s my accountability pictures for today 🙂

20150118_144007 20150118_144114

I’m feeling good. And I know I’m doing more then I have ever done, whether it is reflected on the scale or not. 🙂